Installation & Maintenance for O-M Metal

These are for indoor use ONLY.


Do not install over OSB, particle board, chipboard, lauan or composite type underlayments.


All subfloors must be clean, smooth, flat and dry.  The surface must be free of all dust, loose particles, solvents, paint, grease, oil, wax, alkali, old adhesive, or any other foreign material which could effect proper installation.


  •  Installation of brushed aluminum accent strip, cove cap and transition ramp:   These products should be installed using the appropriate troweled on adhesive that is specified for the floor tile that is surrounding the accents.  Spray on adhesive is not acceptable.  The accent strip and ramp simply need to be placed into the wet adhesive and rolled into the adhesive at the same time as the tile product it is accenting.  The cove cap must be pressed into adhesive and full transfer made of adhesive between the wall and the cove cap.  Allow 72 hours for full dry of adhesive.

  • Installation of the stair nosing: Stair nosing should be installed using both high strength construction adhesive and appropriate flat-head screws. If installing into concrete, use concrete screws such as flat-head Tapcon brand. If the treads are steel, use flat-head sheet metal screws. If installing into wood, use flat-head wood screws. The appropriate screws are not included in the material shipment from Ohio-Made.


Maintenance for Ohio-made 3/16” accessories


  •  Wait 72 hours after installation before performing initial cleaning, to allow for all adhesive drying or curing.

  • Ohio-Made brushed aluminum accessories are maintained with regular wiping using a clean soft white cloth.

  • A mild detergent can be added to the water.

  • Coarse scrubbing media or harsh cleaning chemicals may damage the surface of the material.



Download a copy of our maintenance/installation instructions here.